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Academic publications


  • Capponi, G., Bidwell, M., Fernandez-Mateo, I., Hass, M. (2023) “Global Careers and Compensation: From Initial Penalties to a Superglobal Premium.” Academy of Management Discoveries. (here)

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  • Fernandez-Mateo, I., Rubineau, B., & Kuppuswamy, V. (2022) “Reject and resubmit: A formal analysis of gender differences in reapplication and their contribution to women’s presence in talent pipelines.”  Organization Science. (here)

  • Fernandez-Mateo, I. & Kaplan, S. (2018). “Gender and Organization Science.” Introduction to the Virtual Special Issue on Gender and Organizations. Organization Science. (here)

  • Ody-Brasier, A. & Fernandez-Mateo, I. (2017). “When Being in the Minority Pays off: Relationships Among Sellers and Price Setting in the Champagne Industry.” American Sociological Review. (here)


  • Brands, R. & Fernandez-Mateo, I. (2017). “Leaning Out: How Negative Recruitment Experiences Shape Women’s Decisions to Compete for Executive Roles.” Administrative Science Quarterly. [Awards for best OMT Published paper and Outstanding publication in OB from the Academy of Management] (here)


  • Fernandez-Mateo, I. & Fernandez, R. (2016). “Bending the pipeline? Executive Search and Gender Inequality in Top Management Jobs.” Management Science. (here)


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       Modified versions reprinted in: Grusky, D. (Ed.). Social Stratification: Class, Race, and Gender in Sociological Perspective, Third Edition.

       Westview Press, 2008, and Koput, K. & J. Broschak (Eds.). Social Capital in Business. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011.


Practitioner oriented pieces and book chapters

  • Haas, M, Fernandez-Mateo, I., Bidwell, M., & Capponi, G. (2023). “Is Moving Internationally for a Job a Smart Move?" Harvard Business Review, digital article. (here)

  • Ody-Brasier, A. & Fernandez-Mateo, I. (2017). “A Study of the Champagne Industry Shows that Women have Stronger Networks, and Profit from them.” Harvard Business Review, digital article. (here)

  • Brands, R., & Fernandez-Mateo (2017). “Women are Less Likely to Apply for Executive Roles if They’ve Been Rejected Before.” Harvard Business Review, digital article. (here)

  • Fernandez-Mateo, I. (2010). “The Permanence of Temporary Workers.” Business Strategy Review. (here)

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  • Fernandez-Mateo, I. (2002).  “Career Management.” In Cabrera, A. & Bonache, J. (Eds.).  Dirección Estratégica de Personas.  Prentice Hall-Financial Times.

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